The Secret and Revealed Knowledge of God

Bible Summary. When most of us think of knowledge, we are thinking of the knowledge that man has acquired over thousands of years. The Bible tells us that the real source of all knowledge and truth comes from God. All knowledge can be divided into two categories. There is revealed knowledge that God has revealed to mankind, and then there is secret knowledge that God has not revealed to mankind. The greatest mystery that God has revealed to mankind is in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus revealed God's salvation plan to mankind as well as made known in human form the nature of God. See below for more commentary and scriptures concerning the secret knowledge of God.

Wisdom, The Knowledge of God

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Secret Knowledge is the Providence of God.

Secret knowledge is truth that God has not revealed to mankind. Organizations that profess to have secret knowledge or truth do not line up with the world of God. God is the source of all knowledge, both revealed knowledge and secret knowledge.

See Scripture Commentary: Deuteronomy 29:29 advises us on the revealed and secret knowledge of God.

The Secret Knowledge, The Mystery Revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ.

God is the source of all knowledge, both revealed and secret knowledge. God is who decides what knowledge is revealed to mankind and what knowledge is kept secret. This is what happened almost 2,000 years ago when God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to reveal the greatest mystery to mankind

See Scripture Commentary: Romans 16:26 advises us on the great mystery of Jesus Christ.

God, the Source of Revealed and Secret Knowledge.

For most people knowledge is usually thought of in terms of man's knowledge, but knowledge and truth is more than what mankind knows. In reality God is the source of truth and knowledge. In God's timing, He decides what truth to reveal to mankind and what truth not to reveal

See Scripture Commentary: Daniel 2:22 advises us on the knowledge of God.

The Mystery of Godliness Made Clear in Jesus Christ.

When Jesus walked on this Earth He revealed to mankind the secret of God and His Godliness. Jesus came to us as God, the Son, in human form and revealed to us the godliness of His loving and righteous nature. Jesus revealed the full nature of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

See Scripture Commentary: 1 Timothy 3:16 advices us on the mystery of Godliness.