Proof That God Created the Universe

Bible Summary. The world around us is the best evidence and proof that God created the universe. The very existence of the universe cannot be understood or explained using our five senses. The actual creation of this world was a miracle and cannot be explained by natural phenomenon. Only a supernatural force such as God can explain the supernatural act of creation. Only a supernatural person such as God can make something out of nothing. Only God can breathe life to create life and be the creator of our own souls. The Biblical commentary and scriptures below provides proof that God created the universe. Key Bible verses: John 1:3, Hebrews 11:3, Genesis 2:7, and Romans 1:20.


A Illustration About Creation: The Mice in the Piano Attempt to Explain the Source of the Music ...

Yes, God Created The Universe.

The actual creation of this world was a miracle not explained by natural phenomenon. God offers us in the Bible an self-evident explanation of how He created the universe. On the other hand, the act of creation cannot be adequately explained through natural phenomenon.

See Scripture Commentary: John 1:3 advices us that God created all things.

A Supernatural Act Occurred When God Created The Universe.

Most of us will agree that the creation of the universe was not a natural event, but a supernatural act of creation. Only a supernatural force such as God could have been behind the supernatural act of creation.

See Scripture Commentary: Hebrews 11:3 explains how God supernaturally created the Universe.

God Is The Origin Of Life and Of Our Own Soul.

Life and our own soul were not created by natural phenomenon. Matter did not create matter. Dust did not create dust. The creation of life was a supernatural act that is only adequately explained in the Bible. God's breath is the source of all life. Without God's breath of life we are but "dust of the ground".

See Scripture Commentary: Genesis 2:7 explains how God create human life and our soul.

Denying That God Created the Universe.

There is too much evidence in the world, to include the actual creation of world, to deny and ask if there a God. Without God there is no adequate explanation of how the universe was created or to explain our purpose in life . It is amazing that so many people believe that God is a fable, and they will go to such lengths to disprove that there is not a God. In the final analysis, people deny God so that they can put their interests above God, their Creator.

See Scripture Commentary: Romans 1:20 advices us that existence of the Universe itself is evidence that there is a God.

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